Random thoughts on (my) design research


I don't know how to exactly start this blog (or any blog actually), but probably the best thing to do is to explain why it was needed and created in the first place.

I'm currently a PhD student in design, at Politecnico di Milano. I work within a research group called DensityDesign Lab, where I work as a data visualization and information designer and as a teaching assistant. I'm finishing my second year, and many things and thoughts are forming in my head.

This is why I decided to start a blog. It's more of a notebook, where I can quickly write down some thoughts, that will mainly revolve around my research on the role of interfaces and the role of design in general in shaping awareness on how data is produced online by users.

I thought of leaving a nice picture of me pondering my life choices when I accepted the PhD scholarship. In this picture I was in Paris, attending a very nice workshop about Gephi. See you soon!

A nice picture of me questioning my life choices.

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